PowerCLI: Update-VMHost Function

Since the release of the vCenter Update Manager PowerCLI cmdlets back in march last year. I was hoping to find some time to play with it. Now this weekend I had some spare time to finally play with these new cmdlets. So I downloaded the setup file from http://communities.vmware.com and installed it on my PC. Then I started to Google and searched for existing scripts. I a couple of good posts. One by @alanrenouf with a short introduction video and a post about staging the patches via the vCenter Update Manager PowerCLI cmdlets by Damian Karlson. But there are no copy-past-run scripts available to update a vSphere host. So I fired up PowerGUI script editor and started working on a function called Update-VMHost. This function performs the following steps during the update process of a vSphere host:

  • Look for a baseline and attach it if necessary.
  • Perform a scan of the host.
  • Check for compliancy.
  • If not compliant enter Maintenance mode.
  • Show missing patches
  • When the host is in Maintenance mode, start the remediation process.
  • After the reboot of the host, exit Maintenance mode.
  • That’s pretty much it. If you want to use this function, you can copy it from the end of this post and paste it inside the PowerCLI screen.

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