Rescan VMFS results in a deadlock of vCenter Server 4.x

When you’re using different types of storage in your vSphere environment, you might need to use different kind of alarms. So I thought to be smart and create a lot of folders and assign different alarms to these folders.  When the folders and alarms where ready, I moved the Datastores into the folders. Everything looks perfect so far. I was able to add different alarms for each type of Datastores. This scenario is also described by Jeremy Waldrop. The setup looks like this:


So far so good.

But… when I added a new Datastore and started a rescan on a cluster ……. vCenter freezes with a deadlock!

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vSphere: Rescan for Datastores


Today I added a second Lun on my iSCSI box. The next step was to configure this Lun on one of my vSphere boxes. So I did a rescan on vmhba34 and formatted it to VMFS. The next step, which I think is an excellent new feature in vSphere, was a “Rescan for Datastores”:


I started the wizard on a Cluster and it will only ask you to set two options:


So I checked both the options and did a Rescan. After a couple of seconds my other host was configured and showed the new Lun.