In this post you’ll find the information you need, to update your ESX3 i host without the VMware Update Manager.

In this whitepaper  vi3_35_25_3i_i_setup.pdf (page 115), you’ll find the following information about the Infrastructure Update tool:

When you install the VI Client, the software installs Infrastructure Update. Infrastructure Update lets you learn about, download, and install maintenance and patch releases, which provide security, stability, and feature enhancements for VMware Infrastructure.

Infrastructure Update downloads available updates. The downloads are background tasks and do not disrupt normal operation. The update service does not install updates for you. Instead, the update service displays a list of available updates that you can choose to install.
When new updates are available, the system tray icon for Infrastructure Update displays a notification. The notifications appear only if you keep automatic update notifications enabled.

This is how it works:

Open the VI Client. Logon to your ESX 3i server. Close the VI Client. Go to Start –> Programs –> VMware and open VMware Infrastructure Update.


To update an ESX3i host via VMware Infrastructure Update tool. You will need to follow these three steps:

Step 1. Select the host you want to update in the Hosts tab.


Step 2. Download the updates via the Check Now button.


Step 3. Select the updates you want to install and press Install Updates.


The download process started:


The install process started:


The updates are installed:



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