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Storage related:

FC – Fiber Channel (disk) (Fiber Channel on Wikipedia)
LC-FC – Low Cost Fiber Channel (disk)
SAN – Storage Area Network (SAN on Wikipedia)
DAS – Direct Attached Storage (a fancy way of saying you have diskstorage in the server that is running the application)
SAS – Serial Attached SCSI (SAS on Wikipedia)
SFF SAS Small Form Factor SAS ie. 2.5″ disks in stead of 3.5″
RDM – Raw Device Mapping (of a LUN to an ESX host)
LUN – Logical Unit Number (LUN definition on Wikipedia)
HBA – Host Bus Adapter (for connecting a server to a Fiber Port in the SAN) (HBA on Wikipedia)
BBWC – Battery Backed Write Cache (battery powered disk cache in case of power failure)

SNAPSHOT  – a snapshot is a copy of a set of files and directories (Snapshot on Wikipedia)

Virtualization related:

vNIC – Virtual Network Interface Card
P2I –
Physical to Image conversion
V2I – Virtual to Image conversion
I2P – Image to Physical conversion
I2V – Image to Virtual conversion
P2P – Physical to Physical conversion (for when you want to transfer a machine in a certain state to another physical machine)
V2V – Virtual to Virtual conversion (for when you want to transfer a machine in a certain state to another virtual machine)
P2V –
Physical to Virtual conversion
V2P – Virtual to Physical conversion
vSwitch – Virtual Switch inside an ESX/VI server
vLAN – Virtual LAN (vLAN on Wikipedia)
DRS – Distributed Resource Scheduler (explanation on
HA – High Availablity (in this context meant as the VI option, explanation on
VC – Virtual Center (Management Server)
VI –
Virtual Infrastructure
VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
VD – Virtual Desktop
VM – Virtual Machine
VMI – Virtual Machine Importer
VMDK – Virtual Machine Disk (file)
VMFS – VMWare File System
LiveTransfer – Platespin PowerConvert mechanism of converting a machine while in operation


LVMLogical Volume Manager (in our case: for Linux)
HCL – Hardware Compatibility List
ECC – Error Correcting Code (ECC definition on Wikipedia)
DC – Domain Controller (DC on Wikipedia)
PDC – Primary Domain Controller (we use this term still, it’s actually the Operations Master or FSMO)
GC – Global Catalog
PSU – Power Supply Unit
NTP – Network Time Protocol (NTP on Wikipedia)


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