Before I start with the actual post I want to start with a little tip. Before you can run Veeam Powershell Toolkit scripts, you need to add the VeeamPSSnapin. You can do this via the following code:

if((Get-PSSnapin -Name VeeamPSSnapIn -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -eq $null){
    Add-PSSnapin "VeeamPSSnapIn" 

So now you’re able to load the snapin, you can run your Veeam Powershell Toolkit scripts. In this post I want to show how to change the Processing Mode. You probably know the three modes:


You can find the Processing Mode options via the following Powershell script:

$vbrjobname = "Production"
$vbrjob = Get-VBRJob | Where {$_.Name -eq $vbrjobname}

So now you know which modes there are, but how do you change this option with Powershell? Well you can do this with the next script:

if((Get-PSSnapin -Name VeeamPSSnapIn -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -eq $null){
    Add-PSSnapin "VeeamPSSnapIn" 

$vbrjobname = "Production"
$vbrjob = Get-VBRJob | Where {$_.Name -eq $vbrjobname}
$DirectSAN = "san;nbd"
$VirtualAppliance = "hotadd;nbd"
$Network = "nbd"

$mode = $VirtualAppliance

if($ -ne $mode){
    $vddk = $vbrjob.GetOptions()
    $vddk.VDDKMode = $mode
    Write-Host "VDDK mode changed to $mode" -ForegroundColor Green
    Write-Host "Nothing to change" -ForegroundColor Yellow

Just save the script and change the $mode parameter to the option you want to use. The script will give you the following output:



2 thoughts on “Veeam Powershell Toolkit: Changing the Processing Mode

  1. Great blog !

    – How is it possible to integrate these scripts in a web page ? So they would get executed from a web page ?


  2. Hey dood, what would be the best way to direct the source and target destinations for something like moving the .VBKs to a local D: from the E:???????????

    I dunno if where-object would be best or something you did above????
    BTW: I’m just trying to Start-VBRBackupJob and not so much create new jobs….

    Any ideas??

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