Extend a Windows 2008 boot partition


If you want to extend a boot partition on Windows 2003 you need to use 3rd party applications to achieve your goal. I have blogged about these tools. You can find the posts here:

In Windows Server 2008, this process is a lot easier and will costs you maybe 5 minutes of your time.

Open the Virtual Machine properties, select your VMDK and change the value:


Wait till the task is ready:


Open the Server Manager, go to Storage and Rescan the disks

Screenshot - 6_11_2009 , 9_44_36 AM_reg001

Right click on the volume and click on Extend Volume.


Follow the wizard:


After a couple of seconds and a refresh in the Windows Explorer, the partition will have it’s new size.


More info can be found here: http://bit.ly/sOnFS

VMware: Extend the OS disk the easy way (ExtPart.exe)

ExtPart.exe kun je hier downloaden: http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/

Start de ExtPart.exe op en pak de bestanden uit naar de default directory.

In deze post voeg ik 2GB toe aan de VM.


Even wachten totdat de taak klaar is.


Nu wordt het tijd om naar de tool ExtPart.exe te kijken.

Via het commando: ExtPart.exe /? krijg je de volgende output:

C:\dell\ExtPart>extpart /?

ExtPart – Utility to extend basic disks (Build 1.0.4)
(c) Dell Computer Corporation 2003

Usage: extpart [volume size]
volume  – volume to expand. eg. f:, g: etc. (only basic volumes)
size    – size in megabytes to expand the volume

Return codes for script mode
(If parameters are not specified extpart will run in interactive mode)
0       – Success
1       – Parameter error. size parameter is invalid
2       – Invalid volume or failed to connect to volume
3       – Invalid volume type or failed to get volume properties
4       – Requested size is invalid or volume expansion operation failed
5       – Unable to retrieve volume properties after expansion completed
6       – Invalid size requested for expansion (minimum value is 8 MB)

Oké nu we weten hoe het commando werkt voeren we het volgende commando uit:

ExtPart.exe C: 2048 (je moet de waarde in MB’s opgeven)

C:\dell\ExtPart>extpart.exe C: 2048

ExtPart – Utility to extend basic disks (Build 1.0.4)
(c) Dell Computer Corporation 2003

Current volume size     : 8181 MB (8578934272 bytes)
Current partition size  : 8181 MB (8578934784 bytes)

New volume size         : 10228 MB (10725732352 bytes)

De opdracht lijkt succesvol maar we kijken het nog even na binnen Windows:


De credits gaan naar drexciya die deze tool tipte op het vmug forum: http://www.vmug.nl