How to manage iSCSI targets with PowerCLI part 2

In part 2 of this series I will show how to remove iSCSI targets with PowerCLI.

But first, let’s see which targets are configured on vSphere host esx2.ict-freak.local:

$esx = Get-VMHost "esx2.ict-freak.local"
Get-IScsiHbaTarget -IScsiHba ($esx | Get-VMHostHba -Type iScsi | Where {$_.Model -eq "iSCSI Software Adapter"})

The following targets are configured:


In this post I want to show you how to remove the target with PowerCLI. So I opened the vSphere PowerCLI Cmdlets Reference and searched for the Remove-IScsiHbaTarget. On this page you’ll find the following examples:

————– Example 1 ————–

Get-IScsiHbaTarget -Address -Type Send | Remove-IScsiHbaTarget

Retrieves and removes the targets of type Send on the specified address.

————– Example 2 ————–

Remove-IScsiHbaTarget -Target (Get-IScsiHbaTarget -Address

Removes the specified iSCSI HBA targets.

Unfortunately this example doesn’t work because the –Address parameter doesn’t exist in VMware vSphere PowerCLI 4.1 build 264274.

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How to manage iSCSI targets with PowerCLI part 1

In part 1 of this series I want to show some basic reporting and how you can add a single target and multiple targets to your vSphere hosts. Let’s start with a simple script to report all the targets on all your vSphere hosts:

$esxHosts = Get-VMhost
foreach($esx in $esxhosts){
$hba = $esx | Get-VMHostHba -Type iScsi 
    Write-Host "=========================================="
    Write-Host "iSCSI Targets on $esx"
    Write-Host "=========================================="
    Get-IScsiHbaTarget -IScsiHba $hba -Type Send | Sort Address
    Write-Host " "

The following output will be generated:


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