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Tomas ten Dam release his final version of the SRM in a Box document. You can grab your copy here: srm-in-a-box-final-release-the-complete-setup.


The last few years “disaster recovery” has become a hot topic in the IT industry. Working in a 24/7 economy demands greater availability to our computer systems. But what to do if a disaster strikes at your production site? You can have backup tapes, disks or even a mirrored storage at another site, but it can take hours or even days to start up a new production site which is available to your employees. Customers can’t be served in those days, and that will result in financial losses. VMware Site Recovery Manager makes disaster recovery easy and will save you time when a disaster happened. The big problem for a consultant or engineer is how to test and learn how SRM is working. If you want to test this, expensive hardware must be available for quite some time. You need double storage, a couple of esx servers and some hardware to host 2 domain controllers, virtual center servers and SQL servers. And what if you need a demo for a customer? You can’t have all the expensive hardware at your site for just showing how it works. I am working with VMware and Netapp most off the time lately en was thinking; maybe it is possible to build a test lab with SRM in VMware workstation. I had a Netapp simulator and VMware esx is working in Workstation 6.5 so why not give it a try. And it works! In this document I am going to describe what I did to make it work. Have fun!


VMware: SRM in a Box


Tomas ten Dam heeft een blogpost gemaakt over een SRM in a Box setup met VMware Workstation, ESX, vCenter en Netapp. Deze blogpost vind je hier:

Joep Piscaer heeft ook een blogpost gemaakt over SRM in a Box alleen dan niet met een NetApp storage appliance maar een Lefthand VSA storage appliance. Ook is deze post meer een “How To” met een uitgebreide uitleg over deze setup. Je kunt de post hier vinden:

NetApp: Open Systems SnapVault for VI3


Paul Shannon poste het onderstaande op zijn blog:

OSSV installs directly into the VMware ESX service console and acts as a very light-weight interface to backup Virtual Machines on NetApp storage and non-NetApp storage. It works best with NetApp Protection Manager, but works well as a stand-alone product.  There’s also an excellent Best Practice guide for OSSV available here.



VMware: First benchmarks with 10 GigE

Generally this is exactly what we expected: to be able to provide good performance to many virtual servers which do network and/or disk-I/O only periodically without overprovisioning the whole infrastructure.

At the moment there is exactly one dual-port 10 GigE card in every VMware server and there are two physical connections to two different switches – a much cleaner setup than the 12 (!) GigE interfaces per server we had before

Lees de rest van de benchmark hier:

Event: VMUG meeting at NetAPP


Tijdens het VMUG Event 2007 afgelopen December is aangekondigd dat er gedurende 2008 een aantal kleinere sessies georganiseerd gaan worden. Inmiddels is het zover. De VMUG heeft NetApp bereid gevonden deze bijeenkomst te sponsoren en te organiseren. Jullie zijn op donderdag 5 juni uitgenodigd op de lokatie van NetApp op Schiphol. De meeting begint rond 16:00 en zal eindigen om 19:00.

Let op: Om bij deze meeting aanwezig te zijn moet je je inschrijven!

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