Citrix: How to Publish Explorer.exe with Specific Drives, Specific Folders, or URL

Citrix heeft een artikel vrij gegeven over het publiseren van Explorer.exe.


This document describes a method to publish specific drives and folders as it is not recommended to publish EXPLORER.EXE directly (see MS KB 832427).

    Note: The method of copying and renaming the EXPLORER.EXE to, for example, EXPLORER2.EXE is a widely used but not suggested or supported method by the Citrix Development Team. When doing this, there may be other side effects like session hangs or sessions getting slow when launching several instances of the renamed EXPLORER2.EXE. These issues are the result of internal EXPLORER.EXE dependencies that cannot be resolved without rewriting large parts of the kernel OS.

Citrix recommends you publish IEXPLORE.EXE, with the -e parameter, to provide the functionality of a published EXPLORER.EXE instead.

Lees de rest van dit artikel hier: CTX922603