Microsoft: Installing Powershell with ServerManagerCMD

Via het commando:

servermanagercmd –install PowerShell

kun je eenvoudig Windows Powershell installeren op Windows Server 2008


De installatie word gestart.


Zodra het installatie proces word gestart, vind je in de taskmanager het proces TrustedInstaller.exe.


Powershell word geïnstalleerd.


Zoals je kunt zien is Powershell geïnstalleerd en operationeel.


Via het commando:

Servermanagercmd.exe –Query

Kun je nagaan welke roles er zijn geïnstalleerd:


Microsoft: ServerManagerCMD.exe


In deze post vind je een overzicht van de mogelijkheden m.b.t ServerManagerCmd.exe

The Server Manager command-line installation accepts parameters to install or to remove one role, role service, and feature per command instance. When you want to install or to remove more than one role, role service, or feature on a server by using a single command instance, use an XML answer file. For more information about the answer file that you can use with ServerManagerCmd.exe, see Creating an Answer File for Server Manager Commands.


ServerManagerCmd.exe can be executed from within any directory on the server’s local drives. You must be a member of the Administrators group on the server on which you intend to install or to remove software.


Because of security restrictions imposed by User Account Control, you must run ServerManagerCmd.exe in a Command Prompt window opened with elevated privileges. To do this, right-click the Command Prompt executable file, or the Command Prompt object on the Start menu, and then click Run as administrator.

Syntax :

ServerManagerCmd.exe -query [<query.xml>] [-logPath <log.txt>]

ServerManagerCmd.exe -inputPath <answer.xml> [-resultPath <result.xml> [-restart ] | -whatIf ] [-logPath <log.txt>]

ServerManagerCmd.exe -install <command-Id> [-setting <setting-name>=<setting value>][-allSubFeatures ] [-resultPath <result.xml> [-restart ] | -whatIf ] [-logPath <log.txt>]

ServerManagerCmd.exe -remove <command-Id> [-resultPath <result.xml> [-restart ] | -whatIf ] [-logPath <log.txt>]

ServerManagerCmd.exe [-help | -?]

ServerManagerCmd.exe -version


Voor een volledig overzicht van ServerMangerCMD.exe verwijs ik je naar de volgende pagina:

En op de volgende site tref je ook een mooi overzicht: