VMware: Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1 Reviewers Guide

De VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1 Reviewers Guide bevat de volgende onderwerpen:

  • VMware VDM 2.1 Overview

  • VMware VDM 2.1 Key Features and Components

  • VMware VDM 2.1 Requirements & Prerequisites

  • VMware VDM Agent, Client and Web Access Prerequisites

  • Firewall Modifications

  • How to Create VMware VDM Specific User Groups

  • How to Install the VDM Connection Server Standard Role

  • How to Install the VDM Replica Server Role

  • How to Load Balance VDM Connection Servers

  • How to Install the VDM Security Server Role

  • How to Login to the VDM Administrator Web Site

  • How To License VMware VDM 2.1

  • How to Configure VDM to Communicate with VMware VirtualCenter

  • How To Add a VDM Administrator

  • How To Edit the VDM Global Settings

  • How to Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Key

  • How to Submit CSR to your Certificate Authority

  • How to Add the New SSL Certificate to VMware VDM

  • How to Create the Base Virtual Machine

  • How To Install Windows XP on a VMware ESX Host

  • How to Install Applications

  • How to Apply Windows XP Patches and Security Updates

  • How to Add Group Policy Loopback Setting to VDM Managed Desktops

  • How to Install the VDM Agent

  • How to Create and Configure Virtual Machine Templates

  • How to Convert the Base Virtual Machine to Template

  • How to Configure VirtualCenter to Deploy Unique Virtual Machines from Templates

  • How to Create a Guest Customization Specification

  • How to Perform Maintenance to Existing Virtual Machine Templates

  • How to Implement VDM Specific Windows Group Policies

  • How to Prepare the Active Directory Environment for VMware Group Policies

  • How to Add the VDM Group Policy ADM Template

  • How to Add a New Individual Desktop

  • How to Assign (Entitle) Users / Groups to a Individual Virtual Desktop

  • How to Create a Persistent Desktop Pool

  • How To Assign (Entitle) Users / Groups to a Persistent Desktop Pool

  • How to Create a Non-Persistent Desktop Pool

  • How To Assign (Entitle) Users / Groups to a Non-Persistent Desktop Pool

  • How to Install the VDM Client on a Windows Client

  • How to Login to VDM 2.1 through the VDM Windows Client

  • How to Login to VDM 2.1 through the Web Access Client

Download de guide hier: vdm_2.1_reviewers_guide.pdf

VMware: Podcasts

Introduction to Virtualization

Rob and Jaleh from our product marketing team give a gentle quick overview of this whole virtualization thing. It’s a six minute intro even your boss will get, although it’s probably not quite right for your Mom.


Server Consolidation

  • 5/12 – Server Consolidation using VMware Infrastructure
  • 5/19 – Building an Adaptive Infrastructure with VMware and HP
  • 5/26 – Server Consolidation Best Practices with VMWare and HP

    VMware VDI

    • VMware VDI Podcast: Desktop Virtualization in Global Enterprise
    • VMware VDI Podcast:  Customers Success VMware VDI Podcast: The Desktop Revolution
    • VMware VDI Podcast: Thinstall 


    Download the podcasts here: http://blogs.vmware.com/vmtn/2008/05/vmware-podcasts.html

    VMware: VDI (VDM2) released

    Vanaf vandaag kun je de VDI oplossing van VMware aanschaffen. In deze post vindt alvast wat links naar nuttige informatie.

    Deliver Desktops from the Data Center

    Tighten control of corporate assets and simplify desktop management with VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). This comprehensive desktop virtualization solution lets you replace traditional PCs with virtual machines that you can manage from the data center in order to:

    • Extend powerful VMware Infrastructure 3 capabilities such as business continuity and disaster recovery to your desktops.
    • Streamline desktop management to reduce operating costs and increase control.
    • Deliver complete desktop environments with greater application compatibility.



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