View Composer: Error during provisioning: Failed to authenticate to AD

Last weekend I was busy with a vCenter migration from vCenter 4.0 on a 32 bit Windows 2003 server to a vCenter 4.1 update 1 server on a Windows 2008 R2 64 bit VM. The database is already running on a separate database server.  The one thing special in this setup was VMware View Composer. So I started the migration and everything went well. vCenter was up and running and VMware View Composer service was started. So it was time to test the provisioning of new Desktops. I changed the pool to deploy 2 new desktops. The process ended with an error:image

I was unable to fix this by myself so I contacted VMware Support and after a while we came up with the following solution: Login to the VMware View Administrator and browse to the vCenter Server page:View Configuration – Servers and select the vCenter server in the the vCenter Servers window and press edit. Now select the Quickprep user for the Desktop pool with the error and press edit:


And enter the password for the Quickprep user:


After re-entering the password for the Quickprep user, we where ready to test the Desktop pools again. We did a test with an existing Desktop pool and a new pool and both worked as expected. The Desktop pools are working again. I want to thank VMware support for the quick and accurate support.