Ik kwam toevallig op de site ubuntulinuxhowto.blogspot.com waar werd beschreven hoe je no-ip.com client kunt installeren op Ubuntu.

Het onderstaande commando installeerd de client.

apt-get install no-ip

Om de client te configureren voer je het onderstaande commando uit:

no-ip -C

Auto configuration for Linux client of no-ip.com.

Multiple network devices have been detected.

Please select the Internet interface from this list.

By typing the number associated with it.
0 eth0

Please enter the login/email string for no-ip.com afokkema@ictfreak.nl
Please enter the password for user ‘afokkema@ictfreak.nl’ ************

Only one host [fokkema.no-ip.com] is registered to this account.
It will be used.
Please enter an update interval:[30] 30
Do you wish to run something at successful update?[N] (y/N) N

New configuration file ‘/etc/no-ip.conf’ created.


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