Scott Drummond of VMware has just created a document of the forums that details the Esxtop command. The document is splitted in the following sections:

Section 1. Introduction
Section 2. CPU
Section 2.1 Worlds and Groups
Section 2.2 Global Statistics
Section 2.3 World Statistics
Section 3. Memory
Section 3.1 Machine Memory and Guest Physical Memory
Section 3.2 Global Statistics
Section 3.3 Group Statistics
Section 4 Disk
Section 4.1 Adapter, Device, VM screens
Section 4.2 Disk Statistics
Section 4.2.1 I/O Throughput Statistics
Section 4.2.2 Latency Statistics
Section 4.2.3 Queue Statistics
Section 4.2.4 Error Statistics
Section 4.2.5 PAE Statistics
Section 4.2.6 Split Statistics
Section 4.3 Batch Mode Output
Section 5 Network
Section 5.1 Port
Section 5.2 Port Statistics
Section 6. Interrupt

The rest of the article can be found over here:


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