Dimity just spread the news on Twitter:image

The new features include:

PowerShell v2 CTP3 compatibility.

  • [Editor] Dockable & re-arrangeable panes – now you can re-arrange the 3 panes (script, variables, and PowerShell console) any way you like, or even undock any of them and place it outside the main window – I myself am doing that to the PowerShell Console one, making it really large, and placing on my second monitor – makes so much difference!
  • [Debugger] Almost instant debugger start – this used to take significant time for larger scripts in our previous releases.
  • [Debugger] Ability to step into external scripts.
  • [Editor] Customizable toolbar and hotkeys – the first thing I did with that was placing Copy As HTML to the toolbar – this is the feature I am using all the time to blog my PowerShell code.
  • [Admin Console] Much improved column selection dialog box (the one you get when right-clicking the grid header and choosing More).

You can download the new version here: http://powergui.org/downloads.jspa



Source: http://dmitrysotnikov.wordpress.com/2009/01/07/powergui-16-released/


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