This post is an upgrade to an earlier post from September 2006.

Before you can install Webmin, you have to install some other packages first:

sudo apt-get install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl libmd5-perl

Go to the /tmp dir

cd /tmp

Download the deb file via wget:


The final step:

sudo dpkg -i webmin_1.450_all.deb

/tmp$ sudo dpkg -i webmin_1.450_all.deb
Selecting previously deselected package webmin.
(Reading database … 38179 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking webmin (from webmin_1.450_all.deb) …
Setting up webmin (1.450) …
Webmin install complete. You can now login to https://server:10000/
as root with your root password, or as any user who can use sudo
to run commands as root.

Open your favorite browser and go to: https://server:10000/



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