Vizioncore released the beta version of the Virtualization EcoShell.

The goal of the Vizioncore Virtualization EcoShell is to provide a freeware desktop application for novice and expert IT administrators leveraging Windows PowerShell scripts across their multi-platform virtual environments.   

Fostered and supported by The Virtualization EcoShell Initiative (VESI) – an online community-driven Web site sponsored by Vizioncore – the Virtualization EcoShell is enhanced by the participation of community members through the exchange of new ideas, value-add services and extendable scripts. To become a member of the VESI community, please visit VESI Registration.


One of the best features is based on a script from Alan Renouf (vdiagram) and it’s called Generate vDiagram.


With this feature/script you can generate a Visio drawing of your VI environment. You can choose the following options:


If all the options are set to true, the script will generate three workspaces in Visio with three different vDiagrams. The diagram will look like this:


If you are managing a VI environment, this will be a must have tool. So take a look and get your download here:


2 thoughts on “Beta: Vizioncore Virtualization EcoShell

  1. Looks like a pretty cool and usefull tool in a VI environment. I’m really impressed all the free tools you can find arround concerning ESX Servers and VI. This one is certainly one of them to try…. -:)

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