After the installation of Veeam Backup 3.1 a  new icon will be installed on your desktop. The icon is called Veeam File Level Restore.


So what does the Veeam File Level Restore do? I got this from the help file:

The Veeam File Level Restore wizard is intended for performing restore of VM guest files and folders from image-level backups created with Veeam Backup 3.1.

At restoring VM guest files, Veeam Agents are deployed on the target localhost/Linux-based server and the source host — a local machine running Windows OS.  To mount the VM file system, the Veeam File Level Restore wizard uses the virtual appliance image that copied to your computer at the installation process. Once the restore job is completed, the virtual machine file system is displayed in the file browser window. You can copy necessary files and folders to your local machine drive or save them anywhere within the network.

To install the Veeam File Level Restore wizard, run the setup file from the downloaded archive and follow the installation wizard steps.

To parse the VM disks content, the Veeam File Level Restore wizard uses VMware player that is launched as soon as you start restoring files from a VM. Please make sure that VMware Player is installed on your computer – otherwise the wizard will not be able to perform file-level restore operation.

De following file systems are supported by the File Level Restore Plugin:


You can download the VMware Player here:

In the rest of this post you will see the screenshots of the new File Level Restore wizard.

Start the Veeam File Level Restore wizard via the icon on the desktop


Select the Virtual Machine where you want to restore files from.


Select a Restore Point


And pres Finish.


The Appliance is starting…


A nice Veeam screen is loaded..


and after a while the “explorer” is started.


and a screenshot from a Linux VM


Select the files you want to restore and point to the folder you want to restore to. This is a temporary folder or you have to make drive mapping in Windows. After you close the “explorer” screen, the appliance get a shutdown command and closes.


One thought on “Veeam Backup 3.1 and File Level Restore

  1. Arne, thanks for the blog post. The key difference between File Level Restore wizard, and built-in file-level restore functionality that has been in the product since version 1.0, is additional file systems support. For built-in file level restore, only Windows is supported (NTFS and FAT). For file level restore wizard, we support most major Linux, Unix, BSD and Mac file systems too. There is a large table in the release notes that outlines all supported file systems. May be you could attach a screenshot of that table to your blog post to better clarify when you need to use the wizard.

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