I was reading Alan Renouf his post about reading the vmkernel log files with PowerCLI. Carter Shanklin posted a comment with the Powershell v2 way of doing this task. I grabbed his one-liner and added a foreach ( % ) loop and the Out-GridView cmdlet. Now with the foreach loop, the one-liner will run against all my ESX Servers.

Get-VMHost |% {Get-Log -VmHost $_ vmkernel |Select -expand Entries } |Out-GridView

The Out-GridView cmdlet will show us all the vmkernel logfiles together in one window.


If want to filter on Warning messages only, run the following one-liner:

Get-VMHost | % { Get-Log -VmHost $_ vmkernel | 
Select -expand Entries | Select-String WARNING } | Out-GridView

If there are Warnings in the vmkernel log, the following GridView will be created:


If you want to filter the output in the GridView, just use the filter box and if necessary, you can add a criteria:



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