Just a quick post about how to disconnect ISO files from templates with PowerCLI.  With the following script you can set the CD Drive to No Media. So the ISO files will be disconnected from the Template VMs.

$templates = Get-Template 
foreach($tpl in $templates){
    $vm = Set-Template -Template (Get-Template $tpl) -ToVM 
    Get-CDDrive -VM $vm | Set-CDDrive -NoMedia -Confirm:$false | Out-Null
    ($vm | Get-View).MarkAsTemplate() | Out-Null

First the script will fill the templates variable with all the templates available. The next step is to convert the Template back to a VM. When the template is converted to a VM the Get-CDDrive cmdlet is used to set the CD Drive to No Media. When the CD Drive is configured the VM will be converted back to a template. In stead of nine mouse clicks per template you can lean back and drink your cup of coffee or thee and see the magic powered by PowerCLI.


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