When I opend the vCOPs v5 page this morning a got the following error:


So I checked if the services where running at the time. You can do this with the vcops-admin status command:


The next thing to check is the free disk space with the df –h command:


The disk seems to be full. To fix this issue, You can follow the steps from KB2016645:

To add a new virtual disk to the virtual machine:

  1. Power off the vApp.
  2. In the vSphere Client, right-click the virtual machine and click Edit Settings.
  3. Add the additional virtual disk.
    Note: Ensure to consider the future growth while selecting the disk size.
  4. Power on the vApp. The virtual machine automatically configures the newly added disk at boot time.

When the VM starts the disk is added to the VM and the LVM logical group will be configured with the new disk:


And we’re back:



3 thoughts on “vCOPS 5: HTTP Status 404 –

    1. Yes we tried the same thing, this is only a temporary fix, you going to get the same problem again in few weeks time. Appearently Vmware does not know how to roll up the vcops logs, so the disks space will always get filled. You will just be throw more and more storage, due to the size of your environment. Good luck.

  1. Hi,
    How long did vCOPS work before you run into this problem? How many VMs do you monitor?
    I run into the same issue several times over the last 6 months. Want to compare our cases.

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