Today a colleague of mine was trying to perform a file level restore on one of the Veeam servers. But unfortunately the job became unresponsive and got stuck in a stopping state. See the print screen below:


To fix this issue, you need to run a SQL query on the Veeam database to clear the locks. I have included the solution form KB1534:


A file level restore gets stuck in a "stopping" or "starting" state.


This issue typically occurs when the VeeamBackup database has become out of sync with Veeam and the true state of the File Level Restore is not updated in the GUI.


To fix this you will need to run a SQL query against the VeeamBackup Database, instructions are as shown below. 
Before running this SQL query against the “VeeamBackup” Database, please make sure that there are currently no jobs running. If you are unaware of how to run a query against a DB please read the steps below, if you are aware please disregard.
1.       Open up SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the VEEAM instance.
2.       Expand “Databases”.
3.       Right-click “VeeamBackup”>New query.
4.       Paste the query below into the query window and hit either “execute” or F5.

The query:

UPDATE [ReportRestoreSessionsAndTaskSessionsView]
   SET "state" = -1 
    WHERE "initiator_name" not like 'null'

After running the query and restarting the Veeam console. My colleague was able to perform the file level restore.



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