Xtravirt: Virtual SAN appliance


Gerben poste een bericht over deze appliance op zijn blog: http://gklooste.spaces.live.com/. Ik denk dat de mannen van Xtravirt weer een mooie job hebben afgeleverd.


The Xtravirt Virtual SAN (XVS) appliance for VMware ESX3 Server is a free solution to provide the benefits of shared VMFS storage without the cost of a SAN – this allows the utilisation of otherwise unused local storage in the ESX server to facilitate enterprise level features such as vMotion, DRS and HA normally only available through the use of a shared storage device. All volume data is synchronously replicated between hosts, providing full fail-over capability with data integrity in the event of host, disk or appliance failure. The appliance is menu driven and has been designed to be as easy to configure as possible, and full documentation on the implemenation process is provided.

Je kun XVS hier downloaden: xtravirt.com

De manual vind je hier: xtravirt.com