Veeam Backup: VM “vmname” (ref: “vm-##”) is “invalid”


I had a strange problem with one of my VM’s. The VM-ID was changed and this change was not forwarded to my vCenter server. I use Veeam Backup for creating backups and the job skipped this VM with the following error:


This problem can be solved by restarting the services on the ESX server and the vCenter server.

The following command will do this on the ESX Server.

service mgmt-vmware restart

For vCenter (Windows) you can do this from the command line:

net stop "VMware VirtualCenter server"

net start "VMware VirtualCenter server"

After restarting the services, the backup job completed successfully.


VMware: ESX 3.5 Update 3 VM’s spontaneously reboot

Verschillende blogs melden deze bug al eerder. Bij deze plaats ik ook nog even een post.

Ivo schrijft het volgende op zijn blog:

We disabled in HA the option “Virtual Machine Monitoring” and set DRS to manual.  The problem with Virtual Machine monitoring is:

The Virtual Machine heartbeats are being dropped which is triggered by VMotion and the VM gets reset by the HA feature as it thinks it has gone offline. Since the feature is now off it should be safe to turn on DRS again.

There are more people who have this problem, read the following post on the VMware forum, 3.5U3 – any guinea pigs yet?.

I made a support request @ VMware. The told me today that 20 November patch 10 for VMware 3.5 Update 3 will be released. Patch 10 fixes SOME random reboot problems in Update 3. I hope it resolves this nasty issue.