Veeam FastSCP3 on Windows 7 X64


If you try to install Veeam FastSCP3 on Windows 7 X64. You’ll get the following error:


I asked a question about this error in the Veeam Forums:

Gostev suggested the following:

the workaround is to hack installation package and remove OS version check (if you know how to do this) :wink:

So this is exactly what i did. I found a script on this page: This script does exactly what i needed. It removes the OS Version Check from the MSI.

These are the steps:

  1. Download Veeam FastSCP 3 from here:
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Download winrar and extract the veeam_fastscp_3.0.exe.
  4. Get the scrtipt from: and save it on the desktop.
  5. Grab the extracted FastSCPSetup.msi and drop it on the script. After a couple of seconds, the following screens will popup: 
    image     image  image image
  6. You can install FastSCP 3 by running the FastSCPSetup.msi.

Veeam: FastSCP 3 Public Beta

Veeam released a public beta of FastSCP a couple of days ago. I downloaded the beta and installed it. It looks pretty cool so far.

FastSCP 3.0 FAQ (from the forum)

Q: Do I need to switch ESXi into “unsupported” mode and enable additional service console daemons in order to be able to use FastSCP v3?
A: No, FastSCP v3 does not rely on ESXi service console components. Instead, it uses VMware file management API to copy files.
Q: Are 64bit OS supported?
A: Officially, 64bit OS are not supported. However, but I’ve been running FastSCP successfully on a 64bit Vista since day 1. The only issue I have run into so far, is a COM error appearing when trying to copy the file between two datastores. Copying from and to the local computer works fine.
Q: I am new user. How do I copy files to my ESXi server?
A: First, you need to add the source and target servers to the interface via Add Server command. Note that your local computer is already there. Then, you have two options:
– Copy interactively: drag and drop, or copy and paste the required file or folder (similarly to how you copy files in the Windows Explorer).
– Copy using scheduled file copy job (if you want to schedule file copy for off-hours).

The about screen:


The new layout:


If you want to try it yourself, you can download your version over here: for support and questions, go to the forum: