Application virtualization comparison

Sven Huisman en Matthijs Haverink hebben een pdf samengesteld met daarin een overzicht van de functionaliteiten van de verschillende application virtualization producten.

OK, let’s google for an Application virtualization comparison chart… mmm, not there. Why not make one? So we did. My colleague Matthijs Haverink and I have written a comparison chart with the following products:

* This is Softgrid 4.2. From version 4.5 it’s called App-V. When App-V is released, this chart will be updated.

Download de pdf hier:


VMWare: Expand Desktop Virtualization Solution with Acquisition of Thinstall


Hieronder een quote van het  persbericht:

“Delivering software applications to an organization’s workforce is the single largest cost of desktop administration today,” said Jeff Jennings, vice president of desktop products and solutions at VMware. “Thinstall’s third generation solution offers the best technological approach in the market for application virtualization, providing faster, easier and more secure delivery of software applications to desktop-based workforces. The addition of Thinstall to our desktop virtualization portfolio will help us to better deliver cost-effective and more flexible tools for quickly and securely provisioning desktops.”

Thinstall decouples applications from underlying operating systems, improving isolation and portability for applications across desktop environments.  Thinstall’s unique, agentless approach to application virtualization enables the rapid, secure and cost effective delivery of software applications to desktops. Agentless application virtualization, pioneered by Thinstall, requires no pre-installed software on physical or virtual PC’s and no new deployment infrastructure or management tools. Thinstall’s architecture integrates into existing application management systems to deliver virtualized applications across a variety of operating system versions (NT, 2000, XP, Vista) and enables applications to move with users as needed. Thinstall significantly decreases the time to value of a software application and reduces the overhead of costly integrations.  For example, a large federal agency turned to Thinstall to completely eliminate software installation conflicts that previously ran as high as 20%.  The same customer used Thinstall to cut regression testing by 70% as applications no longer had to be tested in every environment or with every other application.

Founded in 1999, Thinstall is used by more than 600 customers in government and commercial industries.  Thinstall customers have deployed thousands of virtualized applications to over a million desktops around the world. For more information about Thinstall please visit

Lees hier het hele persbericht:

Hier vind je meer informatie over Thinstall met demo’s en podcasts: