Error 25114. Setup failed to generate the JRE SSL keys

Today I was busy with a vCenter server upgrade to vCenter 4.1 update 2. Everything went fine except the vCenter Update manager installation. I received the following error:


The solution is pretty simple this time. Just be sure to stop the vCenter Update Manager service before starting the setup. Right after stopping the service, the installation was successful and I was happy again. In the VMware Communities you’ll find that this issue is also know for the upgrade of vCenter 5 to vCenter 5 update 1. See for more info. Now let’s patch some vSphere hosts with the help of PowerCLI: powercli-update-vmhost-function/


vCenter Update Manager PowerCLI: Error 1722 Windows Installer

Today I was building a new Windows 7 View Desktop in my home lab. PowerCLI and vCenter Update Manager cmdlets where of course the first things I wanted to install. But during the setup of vCenter Update Manager PowerCLI I received the following error:


I was trying to install VMware-UpdateManager-Pscli-4.0.0-233997.exe after downloading the new version: VMware-UpdateManager-Pscli-4.1.0-266648.exe I was able to install the vCenter Update Manager cmdlets again. So if you’re running Windows 7 and want to use the vCenter Update Manager PowerCLI cmdlets, just install the latest version and you don’t get the this error.



PowerCLI: Update-VMHost Function

Since the release of the vCenter Update Manager PowerCLI cmdlets back in march last year. I was hoping to find some time to play with it. Now this weekend I had some spare time to finally play with these new cmdlets. So I downloaded the setup file from and installed it on my PC. Then I started to Google and searched for existing scripts. I a couple of good posts. One by @alanrenouf with a short introduction video and a post about staging the patches via the vCenter Update Manager PowerCLI cmdlets by Damian Karlson. But there are no copy-past-run scripts available to update a vSphere host. So I fired up PowerGUI script editor and started working on a function called Update-VMHost. This function performs the following steps during the update process of a vSphere host:

  • Look for a baseline and attach it if necessary.
  • Perform a scan of the host.
  • Check for compliancy.
  • If not compliant enter Maintenance mode.
  • Show missing patches
  • When the host is in Maintenance mode, start the remediation process.
  • After the reboot of the host, exit Maintenance mode.
  • That’s pretty much it. If you want to use this function, you can copy it from the end of this post and paste it inside the PowerCLI screen.

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