VMware: VPXD.exe flags

Recently I had to change the password for the vCenter DB. This can be done with starting the vpxd.exe with the –p or –P ‘password’ command. After finishing this task I was curious for the other flags so I started vpxd.exe /?.

The following options are available:

C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server>vpxd.exe /?

Usage: vpxd.exe [FLAGS]
      -r          Register VMware VirtualCenter Server
      -u         Unregister VMware VirtualCenter Server
      -s         Run as a standalone server rather than a Service
      -c         Print vmdb schema to stdout
      -o         port Listens on the specified port instead of 902
      -b         Recreate database repository
      -p         Reset the database password interactively
      -P pwd  Reset the database password to the specified password
      -v         Print the version number to stdout