Het VROOM team heeft een interessant artikel geschreven over het verschil tussen een Intel Dual-Core en een Intel Quad-Core processor in het aantal Virtual Machines wat je kunt draaien op één CPU.

Een quote uit de orginele post:

The figure below shows the benchmark scores as the number of tiles was increased until CPU saturation was reached for each system. The dual-core system became fully saturated when running three tiles whereas the quad-core system became saturated at five tiles.

The systems achieved nearly identical benchmark scores for one and two tiles. This behavior was expected since neither system had exhausted its CPU resources. At three tiles, the dual core system was fully utilized, which limited the score, while the quad core systems continued to scale well due to the additional available CPU resources. The quad-core system delivered a 28% higher score with three tiles. The quad-core system became saturated at five tiles and ultimately achieved a score 70% higher than the dual-core system while supporting 67% more VMs.

Lees het complete artikel hier: http://blogs.vmware.com/


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