Even wat info over deze super server van IBM.


Troubleshooting: www.ibm.com

Problem Determination and Service Guide: www.ibm.com

Downloads: www.ibm.com

Install & Use: www.ibm.com

Plan & Upgrade: www.ibm.com

IBM RSA II User’s Guide: www.ibm.com

Install RSA II daemon on ESX 3.0: www.ibm.com


One thought on “Links: IBM X366 (x3850) and VMware ESX

  1. Regards

    I installed vmware ESX 3.0.2 on x3850 , whish was done sucsisfully , but during installing the vertiual machine , the srver start sudnly and the error massege :

    APIC: 1265:Lint1 interrupt on pcpu 0 {port x61 contains 0x5} {0:01:36:15:581:cpu0:1024

    How i can solve this problem ?

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