De mannen van hebben weer een leuke tool afgeleverd genaamd VI3 Snaphunter.

SnapHunter is an ESX3 Service Console utility which can report back on the Snaphot status of VM’s from multiple ESX Servers.  Its features include:

  • identify VM’s which contain snapshots
  • show size, date and name of snapshot
  • optionally commit snapshots
  • email reporting and scheduling

Installation instructions

  1. Upload snap_hunter.tar.gz to your ESX server using FastSCP/WinSCP or equivalent
  2. Extract snap_hunter.tar.gz by running the following command in the directory containing snap_hunter.tar.gz: tar zxvf snap_hunter.tar.gz.  This will create a directory called snap_hunter under the current directory.  Please read the README in this directory.
  3. cd snap_hunter
  4. Run the installation script with the following command ./

SnapHunter is now installed on your ESX host.


Je kunt het hier downloaden:


One thought on “Tool: VI3 Snaphunter

  1. beetje jammer dat ze daar pas mee komen als ik net een bash script in elkaar heb zitten harken die hetzelfde doet ongeveer 🙂

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