Download eerst de print migrator hier:

Printmig.exe /?

Microsoft (R) Windows (TM) Printer Migrator 3.1
Copyright (C) 1997-2002 Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved

usage: PRINTMIG [options] [server]
[-?] Display this message
[-b] Backup – followed by CAB file name
[-r] Restore – followed by CAB file name
[-l] Attempt to convert LPR Ports to SPM
[-i] Suppress warning popups. Info still written to log file.

If server is not specified then the local machine is implied.

Example command line to restore an existing config to a server:
printmig -r d:\print\ \\prt-srvr1

Example command line to backup a server to the specified file:
printmig -b “\\filesrv\store\print server” \\prt-srvr2

met het commando: printmig.exe -b backup je de lokale server.


Vervolgens zie je het volgende scherm:


Mocht je de drivers unattended willen restoren dan gaan dat als volgt:

printmig.exe -r

Ik heb ook nog even een filmpje gemaakt van het restore proces:


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