Eric Sloof ( en Gabrie van Zanten ( maakten hier al melding van, en zoals het nu eruit ziet komt Unity in Workstation 6.5.

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Unity in Friends and Family

Unity today works in Linux. It’s known to work in Metacity but hasn’t been thoroughly tested in other window managers yet. The basic things you’d expect all work for the most part. The rest will come later.

What works today

  • Windows 2000/XP guest support
  • Shaped windows
  • Dragging windows
  • Resizing windows
  • Minimize/maximize
  • Window stacking (Z-order)
  • Custom mouse cursors
  • Keyboard/mouse support
  • Windows of the same application in the VM can appear as groups in the taskbar like any other app’s windows.

What does not work today

  • Virtual desktops do not work. If you move windows to other desktops, you’ll have problems.
  • Multiple monitors might work but probably won’t.
  • Alt-dragging or otherwise moving a window in a way other than by using the titlebar will cause us to get out of sync.
  • If you attempt to drag a window off-screen, the window manager may block it, but the events will still be sent to the guest. This could cause the window to get “stuck.”
  • Minimizing a window using the taskbar may cause visual oddities.
  • Partially obscured windows may look wrong when in Compiz’s Expose mode or similar modes where all windows are displayed at once.
  • There’s no proper start menu integration. Exit Unity mode to launch new applications or press the Windows key or Control-escape while in a guest application to bring up the guest start menu.

These issues are being addressed for beta 1. In many cases where windows become “stuck,” simply leaving Unity and then going back into it should fix the problem.


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