Ik kwam bij toeval deze tool tegen. Met deze tool kun je het volgende doen:

VMNetBac is a handy little utility which allows you to backup and restore the network configuration of your VM’s.  Designed for Windows 2000, 2003 and XP VM’s it can be useful as a quick recovery tool when performing intrusive or mass upgrade type tasks where there may be a risk of losing network configurations.


Run the attached script in the zip file. A file in the root of the C drive is created, called IPINFO.VBS. This file contains the network adaptor information (IP address, Subnet, Gateway, DNS Servers, WINS Addresses);

If for any reason you lose your network configuration, either by VM hardware upgrade moving from ESX2 to VI3, general migration or ‘just-one-of-those-things’ type events then simply run the IPINFO.VBS file and the network configuration will be restored, including IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS and WINS addresses. The Hardware Acceleration for the SVGA adaptor is also reset to full in case the VM lost its configuration through a VMware Tools operation.


– Only works with one VMware NIC

– Only support up to 2 WINS and 2 DNS Server addresses


De tool kun je hier downloaden: http://www.xtravirt.com


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