Citrix heeft begin deze week Sepago Profile Manager overgenomen. Zie voor meer informatie.



Manage Profile Bloat
User Profile Manager enables administrators to exclude (and include) certain files and folders in order to prevent extraneous settings from needlessly being copied with the profile.  For example, some applications may create folders and files that account for tens or hundreds of megabytes, which are really not required.  By excluding these files it minimizes the extra data being stored in a the profile.  Alternatively, you could elect to only include specific files and folders thus keeping to a minimum the amount of profile data being managed within the user’s profile.

Robust Profiles
User Profile Manager automatically detects and stores all modified registration settings, and can be configured to capture any kind of file modification within the profile. It also prevents the unintentional overwriting of user profiles by using some built-in logic to determine which data should be kept. Inclusion and exclusion lists let you adapt the solution to your specific environment.

Easy to Implement and Simple to Maintain
User Profile Manager includes features which enable administrators to automatically migrate existing user settings and choose at a granular level which profile information to keep or discard. It runs as a system service, and does not require any additional servers, services, or databases or changes to logon scripts. The user data can be stored on the home drive, or on a central network share. You can configure User Profile Manager using group policies, so you can leverage existing Windows management tools.


Je kunt aan de slag met deze tool, mits je een mycitrix account hebt.  Ga naar de volgende website voor meer informatie:


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