This is the second company’s attempt to enter the security market: VMware started with Assured Computing Environment (ACE), which could represent an effective endpoint security solution but had very acceptance.
With SRM VMware moves to disaster recovery but differently from ACE, this product is not a security solution that can be used in any environment. SRM is a DR solution for VMware Infrastructure only (Standard or Enterprise edition).

SRM 1.0 comes as a VirtualCenter 2.5 plug-in and allows VMware customers to design, test and execute a seamless migration of virtual machines from the production site to the recovery site and vice versa (if you want SRM to bi-directionally protect both sites).

The product allows to define virtual machines groups with different recovery priorities (including non-essential VMs which just stay off), the single VMs restart order, and the SLA for recovered VMs.
Additionally, SRM takes care of which site is in read/write state and which is in read-only state during the whole process.

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