Ik was al een tijdje aan het zoeken naar een goede features comparison sheet. Ik zat er zelfs al aan te denken om er zelf een te maken tot dat Aleks (virtualistic.nl) me de volgende site liet zien: http://www.it20.info/


  • I have limited the scope to x86 virtualization solutions
  • Virtualization is such a broad topic that I have decided to limit this table to hardware virtualization only solutions. The only exceptions as of today are “SW Virtuozzo” and “Solaris Containers” which do not implement hw virtualization but rather OS virtualization. For a description of these various virtualization tehcnologies check this article.
  • I have limited the solutions and the ISV to what I personally believe to be those that currently matter for the commercial/enterprise customers.
  • To shape/structure and fill this table I have collected feedbacks from various communities and other tables I came across in the last few months (thanks to Andreas Groth for his inputs). I am trying to maintain this page for the sake of the community … not to get credit for a work that others have been doing and I am only integrating here.
  • It’s proving to be very difficult to rate thorugh a simple yes/no table the value of a solution over the other. This is becoming even more challanging since most ISV’s are pushing into the value-add features rather than the pure hypervisor …
  • …. but since so many people are looking for such a table I decided to try ….
  • If you are one one the ISV’s mentioned below feel free to send me feedbacks and suggestions to the e-mail address above.
  • Some of the info in the tables are facts. Other info are opinion of the author and as such should be treated.

Structure of the Comparison:

  • High-level info and general market scenario (this will position the offering in the market)
  • Host/Hypervisor specific information/characteristics (this will high-light the hypervisor features)
  • Virtual Machines specific information/characteristics (this will high-light the potential virtual environments characteristics)
  • Infrastructure Management specific information/characteristics (this will enlarge the scope to the out-of-the box infrastruxture management features)

De comparison sheet kun je hier bekijken: http://www.it20.info/misc/virtualizationscomparison.htm

Thanks Aleks voor de link!


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