De volgende zaken zijn verbeterd of toegevoegd.

Our key focus in this release has been on performance and stability improvements. Some highlights include:

  1. We added 3 new languages (Chinese, Greek, and Polish).
  2. [Admin console] The grid performance has been significantly improved so simple nodes like Process or Services take 1-2 seconds to load.
  3. [Admin console] You can now assign icons to any nodes/links/actions: in the properties dialog box simply click the Icon picture and browse to the ico file.
  4. [Admin console] Fixed a lot of the grid issues: handling of $null properties, multivalued properties, PSCustomObject properties, etc.
  5. [Admin console] Node deletes now have a confirm dialog box. ;)
  6. [Editor] Significantly improved highlighting performance for large scripts (1000-2000 lines of code).
  7. [Debugger] Fixed some compatibility issues with Microsoft’s current v2 builds.
  8. Multiple bugfixes for the issues reported by the online community.

As usual, autoupdate will be turned on in a week or so. So if you want the latest build now – go get it here!




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