VMware heeft een vergelijking gemaakt tussen Hyper-V op Server Core vs ESXi. Hieronder zie je de uitkomst van deze test. Verder vind je twee videos met meer informatie over de installatie van beide Hypervisors en een video over het configureren van iSCSI op beide Hypervisors.


Video 1: http://www.vmware.com/technology/whyvmware/resources/esxi-hyper-v-installation.html

This first video shows every step required to install Hyper-V and ESXi on a fresh machine.  We kept count of the elapsed time, reboots, mouse clicks and keystrokes each product needed and it clearly shows the huge advantage the truly thin and OS-free ESXi architecture has in installation speed and simplicity.  ESXi goes from bare-metal to fully installed in one-third the time, half the mouse clicks, hundreds fewer keystrokes and just one reboot vs. seven compared to Hyper-V.  The simplicity of the ESXi wizard-driven installation is striking compared to the arduous process needed to first get the Server Core OS installed and then configure Hyper-V in a command line environment.

Video 2: http://www.vmware.com/technology/whyvmware/resources/hyper-v-side-by-side-esxi.html

Our second video starts where the first left off and takes Hyper-V and ESXi through the steps needed to configure two iSCSI datastores for VM use.  iSCSI setup is a standard task for any virtualization user that wants to take advantage of shared storage for VM migration and high availability.  ESXi’s Windows-based Virtual Infrastructure client makes the iSCSI setup quick and easy.  For Hyper-V, the "Windows you know" is nowhere to be seen.  Instead, working with Server Core requires you to key in a long sequence of obscure commands to configure iSCSI initiators and targets, partitions and file systems.  We generously showed the Hyper-V setup executed with no delays, although it took us hours of digging through Microsoft documents and knowledgebase articles to find the right commands to use when configuring iSCSI in Server Core.

Bron: http://blogs.vmware.com/virtualreality/2008/09/esxi-vs-hyper-v.html


5 thoughts on “VMware: Hyper-V on Server Core vs ESXi

  1. Unfortunately it’s too easy for VMWare to kick Hyper-V only on its weak spots through such an advert; the installation of a machine is a minor aspect of the entire VM lifecycle.
    Can anybody show an objective report between these two regarding i.e. operational costs, installation, performance, features?

  2. Het zou leuk zijn als ESX (zonder i) ook in de lijst staat. Volgens mij slaat die ook geen slecht figuur tegenover HyperV.

  3. A better comparison would be Hyper-V Server vs ESXi, as both are bare metal virtualisation programs – no OS to be seen.

    Also, the installation is pointless to compare really – what matters is day to day administration, hardware support and speed of virtualised machines.

  4. I totally agree with Robert and Brian. This is no comparison this is just a VMware-ad.

    I think Vmware shouldn’t do this kind of thing. I rather work with vmware. But sometimes it’s just not what i choose, but what my boss wants.

    So VMWare focus on the great products you have, compare operational costs, performance and that kind of stuff and don’t let yourself in with a dogfight with Microsoft (you really don’t need it).

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