Last week I decided to give Openfiler 2.3 a try. I downloaded the ISO and installed it on my “storage” box. After clicking around and having some trouble with the iscsi targer server, I did a rebuild of Openfiler. But somthing strange happend. All the volume groupes where deleted but somehow, one of the volume groups came back again. So I pressed delete volume group a several times but it wont get away :S.

So after digging around on google, I found the following site: On this page you’ll find everything about LVM.

So back to my problem with Openfiler. In the Select Volume Group you’ll find and dropdown menu with all the volume groups. Remember the group you want to delete.


Go to the commandline on the Openfiler box or via Putty. 

With the following command you can disable the volume group”

vgchange –a n <volume group name>


After disableing of the volume group, you can delete the whole volume with the following command:

vgremove <volume group name>

If you’re sure about this, you press y to continue.


When you go back to the Openfiler screen and pressed F5 for refreshing the browser. You’ll notice that the volume group is gone.


Everything is back to normal.


Source for the LVM commands:


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