Gabrie dropped the following message on Twitter:

@gabvirtualworld *sigh* Why do I always have to reselect the resource pool when migrating VMs? Now I can’t move multiple VMs at once when in diff pools.

Well I felt the same about this. For the people who don’t know what Gabrie means whit his tweet, I will add two screenshots to explain it. When you start the Migrate (VMotion) task, You need to select what kind of migration you want to do. I choose the Change host option:


If you want to migrate multiple VM’s then I think you will find the next screen as annoying as I and Gabrie find it.


So to get rid of this annoying option. I created a script with an UI to VMotion multiple VM’s at the same time. Note: You can only VMotion  to one Selected host.

This is a printscreen of the GUI of the script:


I created a movie of the script in action:

You can download the script here:

Gabrie thanks for testing the script!


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