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Carter Shanklin just announced the release of Project Onyx. She his post here:

Download the zip file from here: extract the zip file and start Onyx.exe. If you’re starting Onyx from your c: drive and you are running Windows Vista / , you’ve to run it with Administrator rights:


Accept the License Agreement to continue. The main screen opens. Click on connect and fill in the IP Address of you vCenter server:


When you’re connected to your vCenter server, Remember the second IP Address on top of the Onyx Screen:


Now open the vSphere Client and connect to the second IP Address with http:// on front of it:


You will see a warning message about the connection to server is not secure. Click yes to continue.

The vSphere client opens and it will look and feel like we’re used to it. But here comes the great part. Click on the play button in Onyx:


Do the thing you wanted to do within the vCenter client and you will see that Onyx is generating some nice ready to use PowerCLI code:


To save the script, press the Save output to file button.



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