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So, after spending three days on this, I was finally able to get the  Intel 82575 and 82576 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter driver slipstreamed onto the installation media.

I first followed this: to get the post install drivers working.

But I still had the problem of not being able to see the NIC’s during the install.

to do that, I had to explode the ESX 4.0u1 ISO and grab the initrd.img file from the isolinux folder.

To do the modifications of the img file I needed a linux guest… so I fired up a Ubuntu image on Lab Manager and SCP’d the img file there.

To extract the IMG file do:

1.mkdir ~/tmp ~/tmp
3.cp /boot/initrd.img ./initrd.gz
4.gunzip initrd.gz
5.mkdir tmp2 tmp2
7.cpio -id < ../initrd.img

now you should have a lot of files in ~/tmp/tmp2 directories, including a lot of subdirectories like sbin,lib

Now you need to extract the igb.xml and igb.o from the VMware RPM (

I then moved these files to their respective locations within the exploded initrd.

the igb.xml went into


the igb.o went into


then pack the files back into the archive using the following command ~/tmp/tmp2
2.find . | cpio –create –format=’newc’ > ~/tmp/newinitrd ~/tmp
4.gzip newinitrd

now you would have a newinitrd.gz
rename this now –
mv newinitrd.gz as newinitrd.img
this is the new boot image now !!

I then re-created the ISO. Oddly enough, it worked on the first try 🙂

and the link to the ISO…


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