Veeam: Instant Recovery Fails – Unable to Mount filesystem

Before I start with the solution to the error mentioned in the title of this post I want to share some information about Veeam Instant Recovery. I wanted to test the new feature Instant Recovery. So how does Instant Recovery work? This quote comes from the veeam_backup_5_0_user_guide.pdf user guide:

With Veeam Backup & Replication, you can immediately recover a VM from a created backup file. Instant VM recovery accelerates VM restore, allowing you to improve recovery time objectives and decrease downtime of production VMs.

When performing instant recovery, Veeam Backup & Replication creates an independent temporary copy of a VM in your VMware environment and immediately starts it (if necessary). You can then move this copy to your production storage using Storage vMotion and cold migration to finalize recovery, or alternatively, replicate a restored VM with Veeam Backup & Replication and then fail over to the created replica during the next maintenance window. You can also use a recovered VM for testing purposes to make sure VM guest OS and applications are functioning properly.

Similar to the SureBackup recovery verification technology, instant VM recovery does not require you to extract a VM from a backup and move it across datacenter — it mounts a VM directly from a compressed backup file on a selected ESX host. The archived image of a VM remains in a read-only state to avoid unexpected modifications. All changes to a virtual disk that take place while a VM is running are logged to an auxiliary file on the Veeam Backup server or any datastore you select. These changes are discarded as soon as a restored VM is removed.

Let’s start an Instant Recovery restore job:


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