View 4.5 ThinApp Configuration: Failed to access the network path

Today I was playing with VMware View 4.5 and I wanted to test the ThinApp integration. This is a new feature of the View 4.5 release. From the release notes:

Integrated Application Assignment – Simplifies the delivery of ThinApp applications to end-users using the View Administrator console.

But when I configured the file share I received the following error:


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Application virtualization comparison

Sven Huisman en Matthijs Haverink hebben een pdf samengesteld met daarin een overzicht van de functionaliteiten van de verschillende application virtualization producten.

OK, let’s google for an Application virtualization comparison chart… mmm, not there. Why not make one? So we did. My colleague Matthijs Haverink and I have written a comparison chart with the following products:

* This is Softgrid 4.2. From version 4.5 it’s called App-V. When App-V is released, this chart will be updated.

Download de pdf hier: