Veeam: VBRCatalog is already in use by another share

Today I was trying to upgrade a test Veeam server with a Veeam v5 deployment to the latest v6.1 release. I used the following KB article to perform the upgrade KB1363. But when I tried to install the v6.1 software I got the following warning message:


I think this ‘issue’ is some legacy stuff from moving the VBR catalog to another location. If you want to know how you can move the VBRCatalog to a different partition. Just read my previous post Winking smile.

To fix this ‘issue’ just remove the file share:


Now you’re good to go. Just restart the setup wizard and install version 6.1 and have fun.

How to move the Veeam VBRCatalog folder

In this quick post I share a Veeam Communities post by rfn and some findings of myself to successfully move the VBRCatalog to a new location. 

First, stop the Veeam Backup Services:


Move the VBRCatalog Direcotory to the new location. The next step is to change the Registry. Open Registry Editor and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VeeaM\Veeam Backup Catalog. Open the CatalogPath key and change the path to the new location.


After changing this registry key just search through the registry for other E:\VBRCatalog keys. If you find other keys, just change them to the new location. If you don’t change them, you’re unable to upgrade to the later versions of Veeam Backup.

If you’re using the Search server, you have to reinstall the Search component to get things working again.


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