VMware: vCenter Administrator Portal

Duncan posted a news item about the vCenter Administrator Portal Server over here: http://www.yellow-bricks.com/ and here http://blogs.vmware.com/.



What can you expect at this moment:

  • Single sign-on to multiple vCenter Servers
  • Monitor events and alarms across multiple vCenter Servers
  • Search and track inventory across multiple vCenter Servers
  • Launch VI Client in context to manage vCenter Servers
  • Search for virtual machines across multiple vCenter Servers
  • Launch virtual machine consoles
  • Utilizes permissions setup in vCenter Servers
  • Unified view for: vCenter Servers, Datacenters, Clusters, Hosts, Virtual Machines
  • Access summary view of inventory objects, rolled up across vCenter Servers, for comparison and monitoring purposes


You can download your copy here: http://communities.vmware.com/community/beta/vcadminportal

Virtual Appliance: VKernel


vkernel is momenteel nog in beta maar wat je er nu mee kunt is veel belovend. Hieronder vind je een quote van de website

It’s time to take charge of your ESX resources. With a simple download, you can put the power of VKernel’s Chargeback and Capacity appliances to work for you to immediately see who’s using what, how much, and what to bill them. And it’s all presented in easy-to-use, customizable reports.
As a certified – VWware virtual appliance partner, we’re driving innovation in the virtual appliance market—delivering instant, measurable results to enterprises like yours.

  • Justify and recover mounting IT costs
  • Plan and manage capacity—with ease
  • Optimize performance with high availability
  • Scale your enterprise seamlessly and painlessly

verder vind 

  • Hier je een Server Usage Report
  • Hier je een Resource Usage Report
  • Hier je een Chargeback Report

meer informatie vind je hier: http://www.vkernel.com/