Xtravirt: VMware Documentation Downloader


Paul Buckle van www.xtravirt.com has released an awesome script called VMware Documentation Downloader. 


  • Microsoft Windows
  • GetVMwareDocs.bat script (download latest version below)
  • wget.exe utility (wiki available here and download utility at http://users.ugent.be/~bpuype/wget)
  • Minimum of 650MB free disk space (this requirement will increase over time as VMware publish new documentation)
  • Internet access (direct, or via an HTTP proxy)
  • .txt files have been associated with a document viewer
  • .html files have been associated with a web browser


  • Create a folder to contain the script and the downloaded files (eg. C:\VMwarePDFs).
  • Download GetVMwareDocs.bat and wget.exe and save them to this folder.

Alternatively, copy an existing “installation” from another machine.

So if you want an offline copy of the VMware documents, grab a copy of the script here: http://xtravirt.com/xd10109 (you have to sign in). Download wget,exe and you’re ready to download the docs.

The script in action: