The problem with OpenFiler is: it assigns LUN 0 to each volume.
If you want to use more than one LUN within ESX, it results in double LUN ID’s. ESX wants unique LUNs so you have to change the configuration of openfiler.


On your openfiler box open the file /etc/ietd.conf.


You see a 2-line record for each volume, and each one has Lun id 0.


Change the Lun id’s to unique ascending numbers and save/close the file.

Restart the iSCSI services with the following command: service iscsi-target restart


The final step, start a “Rescan” with the option “Scan for New Storage Devices”



6 thoughts on “Double Lun IDs within ESX3 in combination with Openfiler

  1. A very nice work around. I took me for ever to find such a plain and simple work around.
    I wonder why there isn’t a fixed iscsi-target version available.
    Thank you VERY much!!!

  2. Really thank you and very nice work around. It helps me save on more day, as I have spent almost 4 hours figuring out what is the problem. But i think, this problem is only with OF 2.2. With OF 2.3, i haven’t experience this problem

    Good luck and keep up the good work.

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