Een quote uit document CTX112957

To configure version 10.x of the Presentation Server Client for Windows using Windows Group Policies, Citrix has created a Group Policy template called icaclient.adm with 23 Citrix-specific rules used to lock down the Presentation Server Client.

These configurations are used to modify the behavior of the Program Neighborhood Agent, Program Neighborhood, and the Web client.

Use this method for client preconfiguration in lieu of modifying the .ini files on the Presentation Server Client.


  1. The icaclient.adm template is attached to this article. To use the template, extract the .zip file and save the .adm file locally.
  2. Import the template into the Group Policy Object Editor using Active Directory Users and Computers or using the Local Group Policy snap-in.
  3. Configure the Group Policy object (GPO) rules.

Zodra je de ADM file hebt toegevoegd, kun je de verschillende zaken configureren.



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